Media & Messaging Training

The first step to any successful communications initiative for a company, brand, person or initiative is to identify what is the one common message we would like our various audiences to be cognisant of. The next step is to be able to articulate the same across various mediums and especially with the media. At Mondial Kommunications we conduct effective training workshops – independent or as part of a complete communications campaign where we identify the messages and help the spokespeople understand and effectively deliver the same to achieve real business impact.

Media Communication

We pride ourselves in having specialised expertise with media and communications vertical basis our experience and vast variety of industries we have worked with. Our philosophy is to offer value added, relevant and customised information from the client to the media to ensure an impactful experience for both. The idea is to create a message strong enough that can speak for itself with the media

Internal Communications

We realise that often, the strength of a company lies in clear flow of communications among employees and management. With the new dynamism displayed by the economy, corporate management need to help their people achieve success during times of change. Our internal communications strategy is customised to serve the specific needs of our clients.

Marketing Communications

Reaching out directly to a desired target group can often be tricky. In a make-or-break situation, it is often how the communications is crafted and shared innovatively with the end user which tips the balance towards a desired response. Mondial Kommunications works closely with clients to create dynamic marketing communications solutions which compliment the entire communications campaign.

Crisis Communications 

Crisis usually hits when we are most unprepared. Crisis preparedness is one of the first and foremost steps which Mondial Kommunication puts into action as we believe that crisis should be addressed immediately and effectively. Mondial Kommunications has worked closely in prepping and neutralising crisis before it escalates.

Digital Communication

Today, digital media is one of the best means to connect, engage and communicate with the consumer fraternity directly. With several tools easily available, at Mondial Kommunications, we have in place relations with some of the young and best talent in the industry. From social media to online news portals, we have it covered.